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B1A4 Beauiful Target<3

Omg i love this song and video, i cant stop pressing the replay button ^^
they all look sssoooo cute in this video especailly jiyoung >>>

Omg i just found that i have the same birthday as CNU!!!! im feel so specail >_<

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Teen Top>>Don’t Spray Perfume

A few days ago Teen Top revealed their new song, Don’t Spray Perfume.
And it’s AMAZING!!!
I love it
Check out the mv and their comeback on M Countdown below>>

Chunji:Cute smile and good voice
Neil:Amazingly cute smile and beautiful voice
L.joe:Cute and sexy(even with a perm)>>MY BIAS!!!
Ricky:Sweet baby face
Changjo:Becoming sexy

Hope you enjoyed^^

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My Lovely B2st!!<3

Here are some random videos of my cutie pies<3

And by the way Gikwang is my bias

Saranghae Gikwang<3

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I Hate You-2NE1

I really love this mv
watch and enjoy

I really love the animation in this video, and I really want to get involved with this kind of stuff when I’m older^^

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AAAHHH Rainbows lovely new song…Sweet Dream

I cant get enough of this lovely song, it just makes me happy for some reason(I’m such a wierdo):)

I hope you liked it ^^

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Linkin Park Is The Best!!

I really cant get enough of Linkin Park they are like the best rock band ever and I’ll always love them:)

By the way these videos are from their concert in Texas in 2003 (I think it was 2003^^)

Man this song is just wow!


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Random K-pop Post

Some random kpop tunes>>>>>>>

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시크릿 (Secret) 별빛달빛 (Starlight Moonlight) MV

I love this song….its soo lovely^^

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My Fave Songs Of The Month!!

This month my fave songs are…

Did it again by Shakira

Loca by Shakira

She wolf by Shakira

Shampoo by After school

Pink Rocket by Dal Shabet

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