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First day back to school:(

Today was such a busy day…
Firstly there are new yr 7’s and they are sssuuupppeerrr tiny, its like they’re getting smaller and smaller every year.
Secondly my school is wwwaayyy too tiny to fit all of us in, and its like hell trying to get through the corridors. And for some dumb reason, they’ve built another maths room making the corridor next to my tutor base really tiny, plus one of the walls are BENT, like how can you build a wall BENT ¬_¬.
Thirdly i went to south bank to see the artwork i did for the rivers of the world project thing…and our one sucked!! i mean it was plain and stupid!! I only liked the fact that 3 schools in South Korea did some and they were really good^^
So today was a boring and slow day, so im kinda hoping it will be better tomorrow…but i doubt it.


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